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“KWAVE GO started as an alternative to SMS. Our product now supports sending and receiving a variety of media: text, photos, videos, game, movie, tv-show, k-pop, food, k-toon, fashion, documents, and location, as well as voice calls.

Some of your most personal moments are shared with KWAVE GO, which is why we built end-to-end encryption into our app.

Behind every product decision is our desire to let KWAVE people communicate anywhere in the world without barriers.. “

Executive Team

Yeung Kim

Mr. Yeung Kim is a proven leader in technology and business development. He is also a corporate finance expert. He is well versed in East Asian philosophy and is good at storytelling.

He has 30 years of experience in technology and business development in the wireless telecom and lighting industry. He is an expert at setting corporate vision and mission statement, and storytelling capability for corporate value improvement.

Yeung Kim majored in Eastern Philosophy, especially Confucianism, at Sungkyunkwan University, the oldest established university in Korea. He was able to develop logical thinking and writing skills in college.

After graduating, he joined Hyosung C&T, one of the largest trading companies in Korea, and was in charge of trade finance, opening his eyes to overall corporate finance know-how. Working at the London branch of the same company, he was able to develop international financial sense.

Yeung Kim also served as the Global CEO of KMW Inc. listed on the Korean KOSDAQ(032500).

KMW is a specialized manufacturer of wireless communication base station equipment and parts. It is a supplier of base station equipment and antennas and RF filter parts for wireless communication.

While serving as the global CEO at KMW, he traded with global carriers such as ATT and Sprint, and supplied parts to Nokia, Ericson, Samsung, Crown Castle, Extent, and Mobilitie in an OEM manner. For this reason, he has formed a thick business network with famous telecommunication companies around the world and IT companies in Silicon Valley.

KMW succeeded in localizing communication parts and is evaluated as a company that contributed to the construction of communication infrastructure in Korea. During his tenure as global CEO, the company grew to $200 million in annual sales and $25 billion in enterprise value.

Prior to joining KWAVE, Yeung Kim has served as CEO for Plasma Work, Inc. and Tekmar Inc. USA.

As CEO of Plasma Work, he develops critical technology for plasma lighting. Recently, using Plasma UV C(ultraviolet C wavelength), he succeeds in development of a solution to eradicate the Covid-19 virus within 1 second.

At KWAVE GO, Inc., an IT platform company that supports a social platform(kwave.ai) that 1 billion Hallyu fans around the world can communicate with, he promises to combine the ‘human touch’ based on humanities knowledge with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and block chain.

Eul Hyung Choi

Mr. Choi is a CFO of KWAVE GO and was a founder and CEO of Hanmi Asset Securities, Inc., a Los Angeles-based investment banking firm specializing in the Korean-American marketplace. Hanmi Asset is an SEC-registered securities broker-dealer.

Before he founded the broker-dealer in 1990, he worked for the state-owned Korea Development Bank (KDB), Seoul, Korea in various capacities such as research analyst, loan officer, and syndication manager. His last appointment at KDB was Executive Vice President of Korea Associated Securities, Inc. a New York based investment banking arm of KDB.

During his career, Mr. Choi had also served as a fund adviser to several Korea’s onshore and offshore trust funds including Daehan International Investment Trust ($ 130 Million). He also found a venture capital fund, Hanmi Korea Venture Fund ($ 250 Million), a fund of funds to invest in Korean emerging companies with matching funds from Korean government (Small Business Administration) and multiple Korean venture capital firms.

Since 2005 Choi became interested in real estate development in Macau and mainland China as well as in the States where he worked as either an advisor, consultant or investment banker for various real estate development projects. Over the years he has developed a valuable working relationship with Korean entrepreneurs and investors as well. His current interest is in the area of project financing, distressed mortgage securities, and private placement of real estate related securities.

Mr. Choi graduated from Korea University majoring in Business Administration and Stern Business School of New York University.

Steven Choi

Bomi Kong

Peter Sehee Rho

Christopher J Lee

Woong Jin

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Kwanghae Park

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