KWAVE acquires BTS goods North America exclusive distribution rights for $16 million

Hallyu platform KWAVE concluded a contract for the exclusive distribution of BTS goods in the United States at the same time as BTS’s LA concert was held.

KWAVE, which signed an MOU with ‘Imagination and Imagination’ and ‘Nurious’, the largest producers of BTS goods in October, conducted market research in the United States, identified the needs of local fans, and discussed the production and supply of more stable and special goods. In commemoration of the LA concert, a contract worth $16 million was made.

Kim Yong-min, the CEO of ‘Imagination and Imagination’, visited the LA concert schedule for public relations and was surprised by the size of the BTS fandom in the United States and expressed great anticipation for the project with KWAVE.

KWAVE said that through this contract, licensed goods can be introduced to platform users, and in particular, through preferential supply of the goods, stable sales can be achieved throughout the United States.

The time when many fans are anxious and dissatisfied with the purchase of goods as fake products made in China using the fan hearts of the BTS fandom ‘Army’ are turned into genuine products and are being sold all over the United States.