Hollywood GO Launches iOS App

Social platform with live e-commerce function

Collaboration with fashion companies looking for breakthroughs

‘Hollywood GO’, an entertainment-related social platform company, has launched the ‘Hollywood GO’ app, a short-form video social media developed with US technology.

On the 9th, Hollywood GO announced that it had released an iOS application for Hollywood GO by supplementing various problems with existing video social media.

Hollywood GO is available as a free download from the Apple Store. A version for Android phones will also be released soon.

Hollywood GO is an affiliate of KWAVE GO, inc, which has various IT solutions, and is designed to produce and share short-form videos similar to TikTok, a representative video social media.

User can apply a set of music or MP3 music as a base and take a video to give a sticker effect, and you can apply various effects after shooting.

Developed in China, TikTok has become very popular among teenagers around the world, including the United States and Korea, and the number of users has grown rapidly to 1 billion.

Excessive spam advertisements, childish content, hateful comments, hate speech, insufficient copyright awareness, misogyny, etc. are being exposed defenselessly to minors.

In addition, the disparagement of Hallyu idol groups was excessive, which caused discord with fans.

Director Young Kim, who led the development of the app, said, “In the United States, there is even a concern that problems such as user information collection and unauthorized clipboard collection are exposed, thereby exacerbating the threat to American security. The GO app can be used with confidence not only by adults but also by teenagers, who are the main users.”

Regarding the reason for naming the video social media ‘Hollywood GO’, Director Kim said, “The name of Hollywood, the holy land of entertainment, symbolizes hot and trendy, and is recognized as America’s pride.” “Star influencer I will help them grow into celebrities as well as celebrities in Hollywood.”

Hollywood GO plans to add a Live Commerce feature by installing a shopping tab in the app in the near future.

Live commerce is a new shopping method in which sellers introduce store products through live broadcasts, and customers can ask sellers questions about the products.

Real-time interactive communication between sellers and consumers is the biggest differentiator and growth engine of live commerce, which is different from existing channels.

In the case of Naver Shopping Live, a leader in Korean live commerce, it has a share of more than 10% of the Korean live commerce market estimated at 400 billion won.

Hollywood GO is concentrating all its efforts on developing last-minute technologies, such as video encoding optimization incorporating artificial intelligence technology for perfect live commerce functions.

Meanwhile, Hollywood GO recruits beta testers to check the early versions of problems and catch bugs.

Koreans who have uploaded videos to TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, or who are interested in real-time broadcasting, will receive applications from the 15th to the 30th, and 100 of them will be selected.

Selected test personnel are required to provide feedback through a survey after using the app and upload at least 10 videos.




Email: info@hollywoodgo.ai