Woong Jin, former CEO of Woori Broadcasting

KWAVE TV/Radio/Home Shopping took office

Mr. Woong Jin, former CEO of Woori Broadcasting(AM 1230), took office on the 13th as the new CEO of KWAVE TV/Radio/Home Shopping, a subsidiary of KWAVE GO, a Korean wave social platform.

New CEO Woong Jin will start preparing for the launch of TV and radio, which will mainly deal with Hallyu contents, and will be in charge of starting home shopping that handles Hallyu products.

Mr. Yeungju Kim, CEO of KWAVE GO, said, “The inauguration of CEO Woong Jin, who has extensive broadcasting experience, has given momentum to KWAVE’s advancement into the broadcasting business.”

In the 2000s, Hallyu became popular not only with pop music, but also with Korean food, webtoons, and games. Recently, popular Kpop groups such as BTS and Blackpink have been making a huge fandom worldwide. 

KWAVE.ai was developed as a social platform that can contain all of this Hallyu wave, and now it has expanded to TV, radio and home shopping.

Jin Woong, the new CEO, said, “I am honored to be in charge of the midwife role of digital broadcasting based on Hallyu and social platforms beyond the traditional media I have been doing. I’ll pour,”

Mr. Jin has been known as a signboard broadcaster as a Korean American, working as a PD, announcer, and news anchor at Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) in Korea. He moved to the United States and served as the head of reporting for Radio Korea, the general director of the broadcasting division of Radio Seoul, and the CEO of AM 1230 Woori Broadcasting.

Website: www.kwavego.com

Contact: info@kwavego.com

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On the 10th of September, Yeung jun Kim, CEO of KWAVE GO, Inc (right) shakes hands with Woong Jin, the new CEO of KWAVE TV/Radio/Home Shopping.