(Los Angeles, CA) = In line with the Hallyu boom that is blowing hot around the world, a California company launched a comprehensive entertainment social media (KWAVE.ai) that encompasses Hallyu fans.

KWAVE GO, headquartered in LA, has successfully completed beta service for two months from last June and released the iOS and Android application KWAVE in mid-August.

KWAVE is a social platform where 1 billion Hallyu fans around the world communicate in one place with the value of ‘fairness and sharing’. In recent years, interest in Hallyu content has been on the rise thanks to the popular popularity of Psy, BTS, Black Pink, Parasite, Minari, Kingdom, and Crash Landing on You.

Steven Choi, Vice President of KWAVE GO, said, “To upgrade the Korean Wave boom that is on the way to globalization, we need a global player who can pioneer overseas markets and compete with major players. It is urgent to establish an online Hallyu distribution platform that connects supply.”

Can’t we create a virtual world space where Hallyu fans from all over the world can gather in one place and enjoy various Hallyu contents from K-pop to K-characters? Is there any powerful marketing tool that can secure passionate Hallyu fans in the era of the heyday of numerous platforms? Can’t we build a Hallyu content distribution platform that enables transparent transactions between sellers and consumers with blockchain technology without the risk of forgery or falsification?

It is said that KWAVE has finally taken the first step after contemplating and agonizing over the past 10 years and spurring the development of solutions amid numerous failures.

In addition to the global Hallyu social platform function centered on news blogs, KWAVE provides a variety of services such as K-pop, K-movie, K-game, K-beauty, K-food, K-webtoon, K-fashion, K-character, and K-culture. Content services have been completed or are being prepared. A system has been established so that Hallyu fans can purchase their own cryptocurrency (KWG) with points accumulated on the platform and pay for necessary services with one touch.

From the time of membership registration, trust is automated with social big data and artificial intelligence technology, and trustworthy transactions are made between sellers and buyers.

Vice President Choi said, “In the background of the global Hallyu boom, the voluntary support of the Army fans, who raised BTS to become global stars, was the number one contribution.” . The BTS Cup Sleeve distribution event was held at The Source located in Buena Park, and a free virtual currency (KWG) event was held at a golf tournament.

KWAVE plans to expand its horizons as an entertainment that discovers and nurtures the next generation of Hallyu stars, and an academy that nurtures talents who will lead the Hallyu business. As part of that, the K-Pop Academy has been opened since August and is currently recruiting students in the fields of dance, vocals, acting, and modeling. In addition, we are looking for companies and partners to supply Hallyu contents and products to KWAVE.

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Websites: www.KWAVE.ai, www.KWAVEGo.com