K-pop dance and Nanta show, a Korean-style non-verbal performance, was splendidly performed at the Hwarang Youth Foundation Annual Charity Gala held on July 31st.

The event was sponsored by the global Hallyu social platform KWAVE and several Korean companies at Hilton Los Angeles Airport.

The ‘Rebound’ dance team composed of Hwarang members received great applause because they performed idol girl group-level choreography in line with BLACKPINK’s Boombaya and Don’t Know What to Do.

Non-verbal performance team ‘The Sound of Hwarang’ set a perfect stage to BTS’ Dynamite and Brave Girls’ Skirt Wind.

The Hwarang Youth Foundation, a non-profit youth organization, is a global volunteer organization with 6,500 members and 47 branches in 11 countries, including the United States.

Volunteers have been a part of several activities over the years: park restorations, phone banking campaigns, mask making, toiletry donations, monthly virtual leadership meetings, and more despite COVID-19.

10 Hwarang members, including Hannah Park, the former president of Hwarang, and Rachel Suh, the new vice president for Asia region, are working hard as interns at KWAVE during the summer vacation.

KWAVE plans to carry out a project to communicate with Hallyu fans around the world with the Hwarang Youth Foundation, a global youth organization.