What is the Korean Wave? The definition of KWAVE or Hallyu refers to a cultural phenomenon in which the overall culture of the Republic of Korea is known to the world, starting with popular culture such as music, movies, and dramas narrowly, and broadly, including fashion, cosmetics, food, tourism, martial arts, and industry.

Because of this, one or two agencies cannot monopolize Hallyu brands. KWAVE is a social platform that helps all Korean entertainment agencies enter and spread in the US and around the world. The Korean Wave phenomenon does not end as a temporary phenomenon, its flame continues to burn, and it is the role of KWAVE to help sustain the global Korean Wave.

The KWAVE T-shirt contains the logos of about 20 Korean agencies with that meaning. It is not sold for a fee, but it will be given to volunteers who help various cultural events related to Korea. The slogan of KWAVE is Fandom’s Dream.

Contact: info@kwavego.com